Nylon Knotless Net

This net is mainly used for aquaculture cages, due to its strength, durability and excellent weight/performance ratio.
It is made of top quality polyamide fibre, treated against UV rays, woven without a knot in diamond mesh, to facilitate the setting up during cage construction operations, in the normal or super-knotless version, to ensure a high degree of knot holding and ladderproof resistance. It can also be produced in hexagonal mesh. 
A special thermofixing system ensures the stability of the net in water over time.


- Excellent resistance to abrasion and bites from marine predators
- High resistance to tension.
- Easily washable.

It can be produced in natural colour or sample-dyed, with special finishes.


Mesh size

Net width

Net lenght

210d/6, 210d/9, 210d/12, 210d/15 fino a 210d/400

From 8 mm upwards

Up to 1520 meshes

Upon request



We can customize products
according to specific needs


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