Dyneema net

Knotless nets made of Dyneema®, a very strong polyethylene fibre that combines maximum strength with minimum weight (one third of that of polyamide netting), specifically designed for use in aquaculture cages. Due to its characteristics, it reduces maintenance and handling costs, as well as ensuring maximum safety for the fish in the cage thanks to its resistance to abrasion and the bite of marine predators. A special fixing system ensures that the net remains stable in the water over time.
It is normally produced with a diamond mesh to facilitate the setting up when making the cage. It can also be produced in hexagonal mesh.
Dyneema® nets are also available with "Supernodo" processing, a special rhomboidal mesh with reinforced braiding, in which Cittadini has an exceptional know-how.


- Exceptional abrasion resistance
- Extreme breaking resistance.
- Exceptional breaking load/weight/thickness ratio.
- Does not absorb water.
- Exceptional resistance to predator bites.

Can be produced in natural or black colour.


Mesh size

Net width

Net lenght

210/30, 210/36, 210/48, 210/54, 210/60, 210/72, 210/120, 210/150, 210/300, 210/400, 210/600

From 8 mm upwards

Up to 1300 meshes

Upon request



We can customize products
according to specific needs


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