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Cittadini spa: compliance with Legislative Decree 231/01

Following the issuance of Legislative Decree 231/2001 by which the Administrative Liability, as well as criminal and civil liability, of Companies is established; the Board of Directors of Cittadini spa decided to comply with the aforementioned legislation by adopting on 23RD November 2018 its own "Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01".

The Model is configured as a set of principles, rules and controls designed to ensure conditions of transparency and fairness and to provide the company with a tool for protection and prevention against the risk of committing the offences provided for by the Legislative Decree no. 231/01, whether administrative or relating to safety and environmental protection.


At the same time of the adoption of the organizational model, Cittadini spa has provided for the codification of the principles of conduct that have always distinguished its corporate policy by adhering to a Code of Ethics already implicitly shared.

Cittadini spa has also appointed its own Supervisory Body, which has the task of verifying the adequacy, correct application and effectiveness of the Model.

Moreover, as indicated by Legislative Decree 231/01, in support of the Model adopted, Cittadini spa has set up a system of sanctions that will be applied in the event of violations of the provisions contained in the model itself, regardless of whether an offence has been committed or the outcome of any criminal proceedings initiated by the judicial authorities.

In order to ensure the effectiveness of the organisational model and with it the dissemination of the culture of prevention, it is essential that the principles and rules on which it is based are communicated to and shared by everyone at all levels.


Below it is possible to download an extract of the Organizational Model adopted by Cittadini SpA. This excerpt contains only the general part of the Model (where the legislative framework of reference of the Decree, the purposes and the main logics of construction of the Model, the methods of dissemination of the Model, and the functioning of the Supervisory Board are described) and the Code of Ethics.



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