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EXPERIENCE: more than 88 years

with increasingly technological and performing items and an efficient, timely and personalized service


Certified QUALITY

in the products, for every need, with a pre-sales service and after-sales assistance of absolute excellence



constantly improved and renewed, with automations and innovations of processes unique in the world


Product and process SUSTAINABILITY 

as a priority objective to maintain leadership in the target markets

Cittadini Spa: the best skills at the customer's service

Experience, quality, technology, innovation, sustainability, enhancement of people are the foundations of our company philosophy, which we have applied in the processing of all our products: nets, industrial sewing, technical yarns, braids and ropes.


Today to compete successfully it is not enough to provide the simple product but it is necessary to be able to give the customer a complete service that responds to increasingly complex and personalized needs. 

Thanks to the experience and know-how developed over the years, to the integration of all the main production and finishing phases of our products, we have gained unique skills in the realization of all our products and we are able to customize them according to the specific needs of each customer

On the market there is no mix of technological and product knowledge like the one represented by Cittadini SpA. If you are not our customers yet, we invite you to experience it by forming a real partnership with us and asking us when you need innovative products or solutions. 

The functionality of our products, the flexibility of their application and the professionalism of our staff lead us to solve the problems of customers operating in very different markets.


The main areas of activity of our business are the production of:

  • aquaculture nets
  • fishing nets
  • automotive nets
  • fashion nets
  • agricultural nets
  • building nets
  • industrial nets
  • industrial sewing yarns
  • twisted and taslanized yarns for weaving and technical uses, unbleached and dyed
  • braids for footwear, natural, lubricated and waxed
  • synthetic fibre ropes

In these sectors we have achieved our successes, with the constant intention of learning the peculiarities of each of them and being able to offer our skills and our professionalism with passion.





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