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Cittadini Spa: centrality of the person

The founding value of Cittadini's corporate philosophy are people, intangible human capital and a fundamental resource for the sustainable development of the business.


This centrality of the person finds its roots in the company's own Mission and in the symbolic "philosophy of the net", which has in the "knot" its strength and in the synergy of the meshes the sharing of working group, to achieve the objectives together.

Cittadini therefore promotes the value of the person through respect for physical, cultural and moral integrity, protecting their collaborators from any discrimination; in this sense, the recipients must collaborate to maintain a climate of mutual respect for the dignity of each one.

Cittadini attaches great importance to the recognition of professionalism and the development of the skills of its employees, considered strategic values for the growth and competitiveness of the company. In order to exploit their potential, Cittadini use merit criteria guaranteeing equal opportunities to all, without any discrimination as regards selection and evaluation, recruitment according to contractual rules, the assignment of tasks according to the skills of individuals, the necessary training, to allow each one a stimulating path of growth, defined on the basis of the role and the results achieved, which is a guarantee of security for one's life.

Everyone is also awarded a production bonus of the same amount as an integral part of the salary remuneration. Vouchers such as shopping vouchers are then distributed to everyone on special occasions, such as the Christmas holidays or as extra prizes for particular merits. Corporate welfare initiatives are also underway to support employees and their families in various aspects.

Finally, in order to officially recognize the skills and dedication of its collaborators, Cittadini takes care to propose every year the assignment of the prestigious honor of the Star of Merit for Work to those who have distinguished themselves for particular qualities of expertise, industriousness and good conduct.

Also with regard to the recent survey of the Catholic University on "Perceived Welfare", Cittadini was considered a reference company for the testimonies collected from its collaborators and managers on the initiatives implemented to improve the quality of life and promote collective well-being in the area.


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