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Cittadini leader in nets and yarns

Experience, quality, innovation and sustainability

Situated in Paderno Franciacorta, in the province of Brescia, the story of Cittadini Spa is a fascinating case-history of a family business that, with pride and passion, has been successfully producing fishing and aquaculture nets worldwide since 1933; nets for the industrial, fashion, footwear, furnishing, automotive, sport and agricultural sectors; industrial sewing threads and yarns for weaving and technical uses; braids and multipurpose ropes. The entire offer is characterised by a precise choice of quality, continuous innovation and attention to detail, features that have made the company one of the main market leaders and a privileged partner in its sectors of expertise.

It is a story written with the heart, the strength of will and solidarity, where we find the ancient wisdom of "making the net" by hand combined with innovation, the most advanced technology and exclusive colour know-how; creativity with R&D aimed at the excellence and competitiveness of its products on the reference markets; tradition with the far-sighted vision of an eco-sustainable future. Respect for and appreciation of its people, its employees, that is its true founding capital, combined with the principles of the "net philosophy", applied as a relational symbol towards all stakeholders and an ethical-value model of Social Responsibility, with particular attention to the training of young people, who are the protagonists of the company's future. All this, to create social development and to maintain the company's goodwill for everyone in the area, in memory and following the example of Cesare and Giovanni Cittadini, who created it and made it grow.




acquired in over 90 years of activity,
applied to increasingly performing
nets and yarns.


Certified quality

In the products, for every need,
with a pre-sales service and after-sales
assistance of absolute excellence.


Technology and innovation

of product and process as a priority
objective to maintain leadership
in the relevant markets.


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