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Cittadini Spa: Italian excellence in nets and yarns

Cittadini has been working for over 88 years with numerous customers operating in different sectors, from the most historic one of traditional fishing to that of aquaculture and the latest generation yarns, for the most technologically innovative applications.


We have accompanied the progress of modern fishing with the introduction of the first mechanized looms in Europe, we have been the pioneers in the use of high tenacity synthetic fibers  (nylon and polyester), up to the most recent evolutions in the field of recycled textile yarns  of the circular economy.
Then we joined the industrial future of fishing in aquaculture  where, thanks to the close collaboration with our customers and our exclusive know-how  in the  processing of nets, we proposed innovative products and solutions, with an excellent cost-performance ratio and with a quality and a  brand  recognized internationally.

This business strategy has also been applied in the processing of technical yarns and industrial sewing,markets where we have entered to respond more completely  to the needs of our customers, bringing increasingly performing and cutting-edge items such as recycled yarns, ensuring an efficient, timely and personalized service.

Today, our ability to interpret and enhance the enormous potential of the product "net" with knot and without knot proved to be extremely ductile. Strong  of our incomparable technical experience and stimulated by the desire to perfect it on the field to put it at your service, we have become privileged partners of the most important project managers in sectors ranging from aquaculture to automotive,  from fashion to  industrial design.

Everywhere  we carry  with passion  our traditional  "know-how" combined with the most  innovative  technologies, the use of the  best raw materials available enhanced by our  creative skills and problem solving techniques, to always be at the forefront of the target markets, with the unmistakable style and quality of Made in Italy. This by integrating into business strategies the values of sustainable development and the circular economy,  well summarized in our "net philosophy", which ethically guides our business activity





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