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Cittadini SpA: for over 90 years leader in nets and yarns


Cittadini spa is a historic family business successfully present for over 90 years in the net production sector. Founded in Sulzano in 1933, it has been operating since 1980 in Paderno Franciacorta (Brescia) in a very modern plant, where the entire processing cycle has been verticalized and automated, with technologically advanced systems, for the production of fishing nets, aquaculture, construction, agriculture and technical uses. At the same time, for a strategic diversification of the market, highly specialized production lines have been launched for the processing of industrial sewing, twisted yarns for weaving, ribbon factories and technical applications. Nets and yarns that, enhanced by the excellence of color in internal dyeing plant,  the real flagship of the company, have also conquered the exclusive niches of high fashion and  automotive, with excellent  results.



Cittadini’s goal is to create social value,  handing down with pride and passion the manufacturing family tradition of the processing of the net and the twisting of yarns, innovated for an eco-sustainable production, in compliance with the corporate  principles of the "philosophy of the net", based on the centrality of the person, the sharing of objectives and solidarity collaboration.


Cittadini intends to continue to produce nets and yarns of the best quality, to always meet all the customers’ needs, committing itself to carrying out the processing in a sustainable way towards people, the territory and the environment, thanks to the use of the best technologies and constant R&D as a strategic lever of sustainable development.




The story


The founder Giovanni Cittadini

“People are our strength and an expression of our value... We produce results by creating innovative solution...”




Storia cittadini 1933


The history of Cittadini spa began in 1933, the year in which Cesare Cittadini founded the Retificio Moderno Cesare Cittadini in Sulzano, an artisan workshop for the mechanized production of fishing nets with knot, a typical activity characterizing Lake Iseo, which became part of its history, economy and culture.

Storia cittadini 1962 1972


The company was subsequently organized at an industrial level by his son Giovanni, who took over in 1962, who integrated it with a braiding and rope plant (FA. R.CO) and later expanded it, opening in 1972 a new headquarters in Marone (C.R.C.), for the weaving of knot nets.

Storia cittadini 1980


The rapid and constant development of the Retificio in the Sulzano and Marone offices made it necessary in 1980 to transfer the plants to a very modern complex in Paderno Franciacorta in the province of Brescia (12,000 square meters covered on an area of 45,000 square meters), for an effective logistical rationalization. At the same time, the company is structured in joint-stock company and takes the name of Cittadini spa.
In the new headquarters in Paderno Franciacorta, the production capacity of knot and knotless nets is further verticalized and strengthened with the inclusion of new frames, twisters and a dyeing plant capable of dyeing both nets and yarns.

Storia cittadini 1990


Thanks to the excellent know-how acquired in the processing and dyeing of synthetic fibers, the production of yarns is extended to the sectors of industrial sewing, technical yarns for weaving, ribbon factories and other industrial uses. In this perspective, the company Filtec was founded in Paderno F.C., which deals with the packaging and distribution of sewing in the clothing, leather goods and footwear sectors.

Storia cittadini 2000 2001


In 2000 the processing of braids for footwear was integrated with the acquisition of the TREVI company based in Vigevano, to complete the offer of sewing yarns, sold both in industrial packaging and in King spools and flanged spools. At that time, the same company Filtec is incorporated into Cittadini spa, which becomes the only manufacturer and distributor of industrial sewing on the target markets.​​​​​

rete azzurra - Cittadini


Cittadini further diversifies the production, applying its excellent color know-how to nets and yarns that, innovated also thanks to particular finishing, range from high fashion to automotive, from furniture to industrial design, for technically sophisticated uses.

Cittadini - albero della Vita


Cittadini pursues with great determination a program of internationalization, acquiring important shares of the major target markets of European aquaculture and participating in technical fairs in the field of industrial yarns.
In 2015 he is also present at EXPO Milano as a member of the Consorzio Orgoglio Brescia, which creates the Tree of Life, an icon of the International Expo.

Cittadini - acquacoltura

Last Years

Recent years have seen Cittadini spa conquer new markets and consolidate its presence abroad, in particular in the aquaculture sector, where it becomes one of the first world players. At the same time, strong investments in 4.0 and environmental production plants continue, to make processing in the company increasingly sustainable and safe, according to strict CSR principles.

They are thus identified in four divisions within Cittadini spa, which still distinguish its production reality:

The processing of nets

diversified and expanded because, in addition to traditional fishing nets, it includes nets for aquaculture, for industrial and innovative applications such as high fashion and furniture, the automotive sector, construction and accident prevention protection, agriculture, sport and various technical uses.

The processing of technical yarns 

includes the different types of high tenacity synthetic fiber yarns, increased in torsion, twisted to several garments, raw or dyed in colors at the request of customers, for weaving, ribbon factories, technical uses, with finishes and special packaging according to specific needs; all high tenacity nylon yarn suitable for the processing of fishing nets and aquaculture cages.  

The processing of industrial sewing

includes the entire range of twisted yarns in high tenacity synthetic fibers for seams in clothing, footwear, leather goods, furniture and technical uses, supplied unbleached or dyed in folder and / or sample colors, according to the customer’s needs.

The processing of braids and ropes

available in the most diverse fibers and used in many specific sectors. Thanks to finishing processes and internal dyeing, Cittadini spa has also specialized in the production of waxed and lubricated high tenacity braids, intended for the world of sewing footwear, leather goods, furniture and technical uses.


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