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Cittadini SpA: administrative - commercial - production area

Our team is divided into functional areas. This organization reflects our desire to offer the customer the best advice and the most careful solution, based on our skills.



Administrative Area
The members of the administrative area have the task of coordinating all the administrative, accounting and financial activities of the company. In particular, they deal with the management of incoming invoices from suppliers and outgoing to customers, payments and accounting, as well as the preparation of the balance sheet and the preparation of the economic budget and monthly reporting. 
You can contact them for clarification on bills and invoices, using the email:


Commercial Area
The managers of the Commercial Area take care of the relationships established with customers, from the first phase of the offer and sampling to the definition of the order. In this phase, they collaborate on customer projects for the definition of the most suitable products for their needs. They participate in national and international trade fairs and always remain at the service of customers in the after-sales to follow all the needs of technical information in the application of the product. 
You can contact them at the following email address:


Production Area
It is the area where the manufacture of the products takes place and qualified workers are inserted. They lead modern customized systems for the weaving of the knotted and Knotless nets, the twisting of the yarns, the dyeing, the finishing and the final packaging, lending a rigorous control in every phase of the process so that the products are made with excellent technical characteristics,  in compliance with the standards established by the company, with constant quality and reliability over time. The managers of the Production Area provide their advice for all problems related to the technical applications of the products offered by Cittadini spa.
You can contact them at:


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