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Cittadini Spa: unique automation and process innovations

Cittadini spa, aware that at the base of the success of a company there are always  constant research and innovation for an effective and sustainable development over time, has always been very careful in seeking and using in its productions the most valid and innovative technologies, to offer its customers cutting-edge products on the reference markets.


Thanks to the exclusive know-how acquired with its decades of experience, both in the weaving of the nets and in the twisting of the yarns, Cittadini has constantly improved and renewed its plants, creating automations and process innovations unique in the world and always at the forefront of the market. All the technologies used have a reduced environmental impact, in the belief that respect for customers must be responsibly demonstrated also towards the environment where we all live. With this in mind, Cittadini has continued and continues to invest considerable resources in innovation and technology, confirming itself as one of the most important European companies in the production of technical nets and yarns.


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