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Cittadini spa: attention to workers' health and the environment

Particular attention has always been paid by Cittadini to the environment and  to the protection of the collaborators’ health who work in the company.​​​​​​


Cittadini is indeed aware that the environment can represent a competitive advantage in a global and demanding market in the field of quality and business ethics. The environment has therefore become a primary asset that Cittadini is committed to safeguarding, planning its activities in order to reduce its environmental impact in the territory and prevent risks in this area, not only respecting current regulations, but also taking into account, on a voluntary basis, scientific research and the best experiences in the field.

In this perspective, Cittadini has decided, without any mandatory prescription from the health authorities, to remove the covering of the industrial shed, originally in eternit slabs (about 12,500 square meters), replacing it with a new coating, which guarantees maximum safety for the environmental health and workers in the company.

This roof has now become the basis for the installation of a large photovoltaic system, which allows a consistent production of alternative energy with further reduction of environmental impact.

Furthermore, in order to contribute to improving the internal and territorial environmental situation, Cittadini has replaced the boilers that feed production and heating, with new steam generators powered by methane and equipped with combustion optimizers and fume recirculation, in order to maximize energy efficiency and reduce the impact of its emissions.  


The Environmental Management System of the company Cittadini S.p.A.
complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.

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