02 November 2023
Giovanni Cittadini 1940-2013 - 10th Anniversary

"Love Is Stronger Than Death"

(from Cantico dei Cantici)

2.11.2013 - 2.11.2023

Today marks the 10th Anniversary of the passing of our beloved President Giovanni.

His indelible memory lives on in the hearts of family members and all colleagues. His diligent example and the rich legacy of ideals, along with his testimony to Christian values within the family and social enterprise, continue to guide us along the path he set forth.

Pia  together with her sons Cesare, Elena, Paola, Marco, and Lorenzo, as well as other family members and colleagues who knew and loved him,  remember him in memorial Masses to be held today at 14:15 at the company and on Saturday, November 4th at 18:30 at Brescia Cathedral.

Brescia, 2 November 2023



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