02 November 2013

“Love is stronger than death” (from Cantico dei Cantici)

He serenely returned to Father’s home, for the eternal repose of the righteous, after an entire life completely donated with love and active faith to the family and job, concluded with a long illness accepted in a Christian way and lived with dignity and courage, the beloved


Exemplar husband and father, illuminated and passionate entrepreneur, good and wise man, testified consistently and generously Christian values of family and social enterprise, leaving fertile inheritance of ideals and teachings of tireless industriousness and tenacity.

With deep suffering, comforted from Christian chance, his wife Pia, his sons Cesare with Alessandra; Elena with Giuseppe with their babies Caterina, Francesco, Giovanni and Elisabetta; Paola; Marco with Elisa; Lorenzo with Ilaria; his sisters Ide and Cesarina with all family announce his death.

The funeral was held Tuesday, Nov. 5 in the parish church of St. Giorgio in Sulzano.

The family wishes to thank all those who took part to the mourning.

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