28 August 2015

Our company adheres to the Consortium "Orgoglio Brescia" that has created the "Tree of Life" for EXPO Milano 2015.

This press release for the official presentation of the "Tree of Life", with the statements of our President Pia Aina Cittadini:

"Cittadini spa felt natural and almost a duty to join the Consortium "Orgoglio Brescia", to pay tribute to the memory of my husband Giovanni Cittadini, 'head and heart' of our company, which has always witnessed the passion of 'doing' and the courage to pick up ambitious challenges, combining tradition with innovation to remain rooted in the territory and create social value.

Today, the sons continue his work with the same tenacity and passion, relying on research to achieve new goals, which include the 'Project for sustainable aquaculture' presented at EXPO. We have, for this reason, considered an honor to participate in the realization of the icon of Expo 2015, the "Tree of Life", which documents the excellence of Brescian companies, using the net as its structural and symbolic model.

Our membership, in fact, in the Consortium "Orgoglio Brescia" wants to be primarily a sharing of ideals and values ​​of the philosophy of the net: 'Each node is a strength point and all the links are strengthened by working together'. Our adhesion  recognizes also in the "Tree of Life" the net  as 'soul', as the aggregator of prestigious companies from Brescia, that courageously joined together to create a top notch artwork, by implementing their extraordinary ability to innovate and create.

From our side, we will of course ensure the supply of each artifact made by net may be necessary, moved and proud to 'be there', in memory of our Giovanni who has spent his life for the net and his company.

One last thought: the foliage of the Tree ends with the meshes that rise to the sky; in the net language this urges us to tie with responsibility and love new meshes to raise hope and build together the web of life, for a future of sustainable development. "

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