17 March 2011


In these days we celebrate, with several initiatives, the 150th Anniversary of the Unification of Italy.

We also join the collective tribute for all those who have contributed to build the unification of our Country, to defend its freedom, to promote its civil and economic progress.

In formulating this thought of gratitude, we wish to remember and thank those who, since 1933, the year of the founding of our company by Cesare Cittadini, have contributed to its growth, all employees, customers and suppliers, in a firm relationship of mutual respect and trust.

The tissue of our Italy is made up of families and SME companies, like ours, that over time have managed to combine their sacrifices and their efforts to build together, with bravery, tenacity and passion, the Common Good.

Our heartfelt thanks is accompanied to the sincere greeting that this connection will grow ever more synergistic, to share goals with renewed enthusiasm and development for a future of hope, prosperity and peace for our country, our families, our activities.

Yours Sincerely,


Giovanni and Pia with sons Cesare, Marco, Paola, Elena, Lorenzo Cittadini
and all employees of Cittadini spa

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