27 June 2023
90th Anniversary Cittadini spa

90th Anniversary Cittadini spa

Cittadini spa celebrated 90 years of activity on Sunday 25th June in the wake of two significant evolutionary stages: a strong acceleration in economic growth and the completion of an important generational transition in company management.

It is a story born 90 years ago on the banks of the Iseo Lake, landed in Paderno Franciacorta and grown on markets all over the world, conquered with its nets and yarns, synonymous with excellence.

It is a story of people, of passion for doing well, of courage and innovation, creativity and tenacity, of ideals and values, of sacrifices and effort, of successes and goals achieved together, of resilience and challenges for the future, of generosity and solidarity concrete, also given to marginalized women, without hope, in distant places of misery and abandonment.

Sunday, the day began with a Holy Mass in the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa, in Provaglio di Iseo, celebrated by Don Gianni Manenti, in memory of Giovanni Cittadini, at the head of the business since 1962 and who died in 2013 due to a rare disease.

The party, which then continued at the Relais I Due Roccoli in Iseo, was above all an occasion to express affectionate gratitude to all those who have collaborated over time to reach the 90-year milestone, in particular to the numerous "women of the lake", the experts reticians who have handed down the art and secrets of the nets manufacturing. This was followed by the awarding of employees with seniority from 20 to 40 years. It was a moment of great emotion and of sharing memories, emotions, newfound friendships, joy, even nostalgia for an unrepeatable past.

For the occasion, a new video was created that we are happy to present to you:


The group photo taken from the terrace of the Relais I Due Roccoli overlooking the splendid Lake Iseo:

Group Photo for 90th Anniversary of Cittadini spa

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